Friday, March 12, 2010

Little Miss Perfect

I told Alegria we were going to have a photo shoot today, so she decided to get in a session of Yoga before it so that she could be in top form:

She decided Big Bear had to participate in Yoga, too, so she had him do some neck-stretching exercises:

Alegria: "No complaining, Big Bear! I did my Yoga already! You need it, too!"

Alegria: "Good job, Big Bear! You deserve a kiss!"

Alegria put the shirt she'd taken off of herself on Big Bear and proceeded to try to balance him on her head:

Taking a much-needed rest:

After a nap, Alegria, Big Bear and I played hide-and-go-seek. Where are Alegria and Big Bear? Do you know?

When Daddy finally got home from work, the "photo studio" was ready to go and so we got started now that I had my assistant here to get Alegria to smile!

Alegria did NOT want to wear her princess dress... we ended up having to bribe her with a piece of chocolate candy:

Alegria got frustrated that her tower of blocks kept falling down:

That's all folks!

We hope you enjoyed OUR Little Miss Perfect! That's right...PERFECT! Because even with her quirks and attitude, she's perfect to us and always will be! :)

We love you, Alegria!!!


  1. The photo shoot was a real success! She's just precious. Happy Easter. :)

    Ali & Chris

  2. You took really good pictures of her! I love the cheerlader outfit and bathing suit ones! she is too cute!!


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