Friday, March 19, 2010

San Antonio Zoo

Alegria LOVES animals...she always has, and I've been wanting to take her to the zoo for a really long time. And today we finally got to go!!!

Here we are, waiting in line to get in:

Yeah...we were there for a you can tell by our faces!

We finally got in, though! And the fun began!

Alegria signing "bird."

Alegria signing "bear."

Alegria loved looking at the monkeys...especially the mommy with her baby!

She also loved to roam free and wander as often as we let her!

A lemur! He looks as funny as King Julian from Madagascar! :)

Needless to say, it would have been a smart idea to bring Alegria's little backpack "leash" so that we could keep closer tabs on her but at the same time let her be a little independent. As it was, she kept wanting to either get out of her stroller and run away or climb all over it!

Not a happy camper...

I had NO idea how big rhinos really are!

And I had NO idea that this is what porcupines actually look like!

There was a plethora of birds...

A secretary bird!

Alegria had her first taste ever of cotton candy and LOVED it! Her first taste was definitely not her last!

Did I mention that there were a lot of birds?

Running away was never so fun!

Oh, by the way...there were a few birds at the zoo! ;)

We finally finished our tour of the zoo and headed back to the car. We were so glad we got there early in the morning! Traffic was crazy as we were heading out!

After a quick lunch, we started on our way home. Alegria passed out on Grandpa's shoulder.

We went a different route home so that we could stop by Cabela's. Alegria had fun again looking at animals there...even though these were all stuffed!

Can you tell she just woke up? Her cheeks are still a little rosy and she's still holding on to Big Bear:

Alegria signing "snow."

Alegria signing "bear."

The fish were real!

And about as big as Alegria!

Where's Alegria? I can't see her!

A hunter's Mecca!

Back home, Grandpa spoiled Isis with a huge scrap of rib from our barbeque dinner the night before:

Alegria and Grandma playing on the swingset:

What a wonderful day today was! And what a great trip to San Antonio we had!

And now it's off to bed...all that traveling really wore us out!

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