Saturday, March 20, 2010

Gone With the Wind!

Today started off as a sad day. We had to say goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa so that they could start their long drive back to Montana. :(

Thank you for coming to visit us, Grandma and Grandpa! We had a super fun time and we can't wait to see you again in May! :) We love you!!! :)

As if to mimic our sad mood, the morning was gray, cloudy, rainy, and extremely windy! It was so windy that part of our backyard fence blew down!

Because we were so sad from Grandma and Grandpa leaving, we didn't even notice this until our neighbor came over, asking if we had a trampoline...because one had magically shown up in her backyard!

As we were talking to her, we noticed that there was another trampoline that had blown free and was almost in the street, too! WOW! That's some wind!

Cameron ended up fixing the fence himself because, though our neighbor had already called someone to come fix it before she even came over, they wouldn't come until Monday, so Cameron took matters into his own hands. That's now the strongest part of the fence!

The day started looking up in the early afternoon when Alegria and I got to go to Alegria's little friend, Lee's first birthday party!

Allie helping Lee open his presents:

CUTE!!! :)

All of the kids wanted to play with Lee's new toys!

And Quinn wanted to play with Alegria's hair bow...but she wouldn't have it!

Cake time!


Back home, Alegria had fun playing with some glow sticks...

...even trying to use one as a thermometer on Daddy!

And she gets better at putting on her own shoes every day!

Well...time for bed now!

Good night! :)

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