Tuesday, March 22, 2011

She Makes Her Laugh!

Today was overall a nice day.

We got up and while the girls played, I watered the front lawn. It would be awesome if the lawn were nice and green by the time Cameron comes home!

It took me longer to water the yard than I thought, so we got a late start leaving home to go to Walmart. I was very happy, though, that the girls behaved really well while I came in and out of the house every 15 minutes to water!  (We only have one water hose and one sprinkler, so I had to move it around the yard all morning long to get the whole lawn watered!)

Once at Walmart, the girls also behaved really well. Cameron and I are truly blessed to have such little angels!!! 

Alegria got some new earrings today!

Back home, we Skyped with Daddy! Cameron and I had decided that in order to save money, he wouldn't get internet in his room (CHU), but that he would just go to the computer lab to check his email and that our daily communication would be by phone.  Well, they finally got some cameras and headphones for the soldiers at the computer lab, so we got to actually see Daddy when we talked to him today!!!  The girls and I really enjoyed it!!! Alegria was so happy to have talked to and seen her Daddy!!! :)

After talking to Cameron, Odette went to bed pretty easily. Since it was so late, I decided to keep Alegria up. She didn't mind...of course! I felt bad a little later, though, because she was extremely sleepy and almost fell asleep a few times just playing! I was hoping that meant she'd go to bed easily tonight!

When Odette woke up, we played some more. Alegria, though, had spilled some baby cereal puffs on the floor in the living room...actually, it wasn't like she spilled it...there was a huge pile of it in the living room! Almost the whole container was empty! Maybe it DID spill on accident, I don't know, but it looked like it had been done on purpose!  I asked her to please pick it up and she started to, but then she wouldn't finish! It was annoying! I had vacuumed the whole house yesterday! Eventually, after hours of me telling her over and over again to get it picked up, and finally after one hand smack and then one bum smack, she finally picked it all up and I was able to vacuum up the dusty debris left behind. At one point she'd asked me to help her, but I told her that if she made the mess, she had to clean it up. It would have been much faster if I'd helped her, but it was the principle I was trying to teach her...first and foremost that we don't throw food on the ground, second of all, that when we make a mess, we clean it up.

Anyway. In between times of her picking it up and not picking it up, she would get distracted and do other things...one of the times I heard Odette being really loud and at first it sounded like she was crying...but then I realized it was her laughing!!! Alegria had gotten distracted and was making Odette laugh...SO CUTE!!!  It's so hard to stay mad at her when she does sweet things like this!

Finally it was bedtime for Odette. She went to sleep pretty well at 7:35...or so I thought. After ten minutes, she was awake again and crying. I tried letting her cry it out, but that wasn't working, so I had to go back in there to nurse her again. I think sometimes she falls asleep before she's had her fill and then wakes up after I put her down and realizes she's still hungry! She was finally asleep at 8:30.

Then Alegria and I chilled. As we were just chillin', Alegria out of the blue came to me and said, "Mommy! I love you!" and gave me a big hug! It was so sweet! I felt bad that I had had to spank her twice today, and that just melted my heart and I felt bad. At least I know that having to be a disciplinarian isn't going to make her not love me, though!!!

On our way to bed, Alegria was carrying her animals in her little horse bag on her shoulder. It was too cute, but I didn't get my camera fast enough to capture a picture of it on her shoulder. However, you can tell in this picture how much of an afro her curly hair is!!! Hahaha!!! :)

Putting her pajamas on all by herself:

Well, it was warm in the house tonight, so I decided to turn the ceiling fan on in Alegria's room...big mistake! At about 1:30 in the morning, she woke up. I think what woke her up was that she was trying to breathe through her nose...but the wind from the fan had clogged up her nose and she wasn't breathing very well and woke up trying to breathe through her nose and not being able to! She ended up having to breathe through her mouth! So I turned the fan off and rubbed some Vicks on her chest and back. I hope the stuffy nose goes away! I'm pretty sure the fan did it because she was fine all the way before then!!!

Odette woke up a about 2, while I was still in there with Alegria, making sure the Vicks was working its magic and helping her sleep...which it was. :)

So I then went to nurse Odette...and now I'm here.

Yeah...it's late.  I know.  I fell asleep in bed with Alegria and didn't wake up until the stuffy nose incident. I had turned my alarm on so that I'd leave her room at 10:30, I even laid my phone on my chest...so I don't know why the vibrations didn't wake me up! They usually wake me up when I have my phone in my hand, so I figured my chest would be more sensitive to the vibrations...but I guess not!

Anyway. I'm thinking of going to go do my workout now and then heading to bed.


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  1. Happy Mothers Day! I miss reading your posts and watching the girls grow up. I hope everything is okay with you and Cameron. Chris is TDY currently and so I'm praying for him and all the service-members downrange. I'm guilty too, I've fallen off the 'blog wagon', but I'm going to start up again soon. I hope you have a great day, you deserve it. :)


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