Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I woke up to find this at my bedside this morning:

Just a few of my favorite things...Happy Birthday to me!!!  Thank you, Cameron, for spoiling me!!!  :)

The girls and I went on our walk and to the park with our friends that morning.  When we got home, the girls played while I jogged on my elliptical.  When I was done, I noticed that Alegria was "changing" her baby elephant's diaper.  When she undid it, I noticed that something fell out of it.  She went to the playroom to get a "new" diaper, so I peeked over and saw this:

When she came back, I asked her what that was and she replied, "Poop!" It made me laugh!!!  :)  (It's not's a smooth rock that Alegria collected on our walk today!)  ;)

That afternoon, after lunch and Odette's nap, we accompanied Daddy to his UFL game to watch him.  The girls had a little snack and then they were up to their shenanigans again:

Cameron at the end zone waiting for the throw:

Aaaaaaaaaand TOUCHDOWN!!!

Cameron's team won again!!!  Yay!!!  :)

After the game, we headed over to Dairy Queen for a frozen birthday treat...YUM!

Once home, Cameron had studying to do, so the girls and I went out to the back for some fun on the trampoline:

Odette's hair got all static-y!!!

Sweet sisters and friends:

While we were out jumping, Heather stopped by with a surprise for me...a birthday cake and cupcakes!!!  It was so sweet of her!!!  I thanked her and then she and the boys came to the back and jumped with us for a little while...well, Heather and I didn't, but the boys and girls did.  :)

The beautiful cake and cupcakes:

What's funny is that I had gotten a cupcake birthday card in the mail earlier!

Again, many thanks to Heather for a wonderful birthday surprise!!!  :)

Alegria trying on Daddy's socks:

Pink water for their bath!

Cameron had a friend over for them to practice briefing their op-orders to each other, so after their bath, I got the girls ready for bed, put them to bed, and then spent an hour or so quietly watching some of my TV shows while Cameron was hard at work.  

Cameron's friend left and he and I spent the rest of the evening together.

It was a quiet, relaxing birthday...a nice way to start my life as a brand-new 33-year-old!  :)

Good night everyone and thank you for your birthday wishes, whether it was by Facebook, email, phone, text, or card.  I am so blessed to have you all as friends and family.  I love you all!!!

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