Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Playgroup...Maybe?

We decided to try out a new playgroup today instead of going to the library for story time.  I thought the drive would be about 20 minutes, but it took us more like 40 to get there.  The girls, well, Alegria even started asking me if we were there yet...

When we arrived, everyone was already there.  The ladies were nice and we visited a bit while the children played.  Alegria went straight for the toys as soon as we got there.  Odette stayed by my side at first.  She was a little apprehensive and didn't get comfortable enough to wander around on her own until it was almost time to go...and by then she was finally adventuresome and comfortable enough to go right up the stairs and would have kept going had I not stopped her (I forgot my phone again, so I apologize for the blurry photos!):

I don't know if we'll continue to go to playgroup.  It was nice to meet new ladies and visit with them, but it was just sooo far away.  If it had been 20...maybe even 30 minutes away, I might have considered continuing on, but it's closer to an hour drive than not and that's just not feasible for us right now.  Most of the ladies that were there live off-post, so playgroup will continue to be off-post, I fear, and I just don't think that a drive for that long would be fun in the long run for the girls or myself.  So we'll probably just stick to activities nearer to post for now.

Later in the afternoon, after we'd come home, had lunch, and Odette had had a nap, we went to watch Daddy play in the UFL.  The girls had fun running around and basically getting dirty and I had a nice time visiting with Amy and another lady, Emily.  Daddy grabbed some Capri Sun drinks for the girls during half-time, which they quite enjoyed:

Then they picked some flowers for sweet!  :)

Potty dance?

A water tower nearby:

Cameron's team won again!!!  :)

Just because they're girls doesn't mean they don't like playing in the dirt...

Just because they like dirt doesn't mean I'm going to let them play in it...for long anyway.  Ugh.  Now they're not only sweaty and dirty, but sandy, too.  How did they find the ONE sand pit in the whole field?!

Back home, Alegria tried on my jewelry as we waited for dinner to be ready:

After dinner, the girls had a bath, which they were in much need of after their dirty, sweaty, sandy afternoon.  Alegria enjoyed playing with some fun foam tub spray that Aunt Abilehi gave them before we left Texas.  Odette still freaks out about it, so she wouldn't let me come near her with it.  Oh well!  I enjoyed "drawing" on Alegria!

"Elephants are my favorite Mom!"

After their bath, we had a movie night with popcorn!

And that was our day.

Have a great night!!!  :)

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