Tuesday, April 17, 2012

CYS Registration

Our morning walk was quite enjoyable again today!  The children are getting more used to each other and Alegria was very excited to see her new friends again!  We played at the park for a while and then came back home.

In the afternoon, I got all prettied up (loved how my eye makeup turned out today!):

...and then we went to the Child and Youth Services (CYS) office to register Alegria and Odette.

Back at Fort Hood, Cameron had registered both Alegria and Odette at CYS prior to his deployment so that while he was deployed, I would be able to take advantage of the free childcare and free sports and dance classes available to spouses/children of deployed soldiers.  All had gone smoothly...until I tried registering Alegria for classes and then I was at a standstill.  I was supposed to be able to register her online, but it wasn't working, so I called the main office and they told me that to register her online, I had to come in person to their office.  Um...ridiculous!  So because I had no idea where the CYS office was to begin with...and because I'd heard horror stories from my playgroup friends about the misinformation given and the back and forth of registering at CYS, plus the amount of preparation a trip to Fort Hood would take due to our living off-post and so far away, I never enrolled Alegria in classes while we were at Fort Hood.  Sad.  :(

Thankfully, our experience here at Fort Benning has gone smoothly so far.  I never actually went to the office back at Fort Hood when Cameron enrolled the girls, so when we went as a family here at Benning, I didn't know what to expect...and I was pleasantly surprised.  It was very welcoming and "user friendly" with a computer to sign in on, comfy chairs to wait in, and even a children's area with books and a TV with movies playing.  Plus, it was jungle-themed and Alegria LOVED that!

(Please excuse the poor picture quality...I had forgotten my camera and had to use my phone to take these):

Now let's hope that when I register the girls for classes, things will run just as smoothly!

Back home, we all enjoyed some time outside.  Alegria made friends with some children across the way from us and played with them for a little while:

Alegria was sad to have to come back home...

...until Daddy cleared off all of the stuff that had fallen from the trees onto the trampoline (Ugh!  Allergy central!) and she had a ton of fun jumping with him and Odette!

What a busy, happy day!

Good night!!!  :)

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