Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ultimate Football League (UFL)

This morning we didn't go on our walk so that we could make it to story time.  Odette again didn't really participate in the singing and dancing, but Alegria did, and she loved it.  Odette preferred to sit with me until it was time for the craft:

Odette got a little upset when a little girl patted her back during craft time and Odette started crying.  Miss Tanya gave her a lollipop and that seemed to calm her down.  

We left after checking out a few books and two dvds and while we waited to see Daddy during his short lunch break, Alegria kept begging Odette for a taste of her lollipop:

After a short few minutes with Daddy, the girls and I left to have lunch at home.  Then Odette took a nap and Alegria and I chilled.

Once Odette woke up, we left to go watch Daddy play Ultimate Football.  Apparently, part of his class is that they participate in an Ultimate Football League and play every Wednesday after work.  In fact, they get out of work early on Wednesday, but not really because they have to go play UFL.  It's fine by us.  Cameron loves football, I have always loved watching Cameron play football ever since we were dating and the girls love playing outside, so it's a win-win for everyone.  :)

The field Cameron's team played at today had bleachers, so the girls had tons of fun climbing and running about:

Since we were supposed to be watching Daddy play football, I tried to get the girls into the game and even taught them a little about cheering for Daddy.  Here Alegria had caught on and was jumping up and down and saying, "Go, Daddy Go!  Go, Daddy Go!"  :)  It was super cute, but it only lasted a short while and then she went back to climbing and running around.  :)

Alegria and Odette pretty much just played nicely the whole time, so I was able to enjoy a good amount of the game.  Unlike the NFL, the UFL lasts only an hour...four 15-minute quarters that actually last that long!  It was great!  And I got a few pictures of Cameron in possession of the ball and in action (I apologize for the blurriness of that first one!):

Before we left, I was able to get a few pictures of the girls and me:

Cameron's team won!!!

Back home, we had dinner and the girls had baths...and while Alegria was brushing her teeth, she accidentally dropped one of her hair clips down the drain.  Cameron the Handyman came to the rescue and fished it out!!!

Phew!  What a day!

Good night y'all!!!  :)

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