Tuesday, April 24, 2012


This morning, Ryan came over to play!  The girls and he very much enjoyed playing "Elefun," a game where an elephant blows butterflies out of its nose and the kids have to catch them in little nets.  Odette pretty much just picked them up off of the floor!  Haha!

After Ryan left, the girls and I just played in the playroom the rest of the morning.  I laid down on the foam map to just relax a little and Odette saw it as a perfect opportunity to lay on top of me:

The girls just being their cute selves:

Late that night, I was privileged to sit in on Cameron practicing his op-order brief.  His presentation board:

I must say, I actually understood a little of what he said, but the rest...it was all Greek to me!

Now it's off to bed!

Good night! :)

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