Friday, April 27, 2012

Movie Night on the Lawn

This morning we had fun at the park:

And when a lady walked by the playset with her dog, Alegria asked, "Hey!  May I pet your dog, please?"  I was so happy that she asked politely...we just need to work on the addressing part, though!  Haha!  :)

A man came by with his two dogs...well, actually, the white one is a wolf.  He raises them for Yellowstone Park and then they are released into the park.  Interesting.  I didn't know they raised the wolves first, before introducing them back into the wild...

On our way home from the park, the children wanted to walk/run the rest of the way to Ethan and Ryan's house:

When we got to their house, the kids wanted to keep playing, so the girls and I stayed for a little bit.  Heather and I visited and the kids had a fun time playing together:

That evening, we went to the church house to help clean it.  Cameron vacuumed, I rearranged chairs after he'd vacuumed, and the girls, as much as I tried to keep them reverent in the building, climbed and danced around as usual:

After we were done, we had dinner at a nearby Burger King:

On our way home, we decided to find the Movie on the Lawn location so that when we came back to it, we wouldn't have trouble finding it.  Well, when we got there, it was already packed, so we just stayed so we wouldn't lose our parking spot or lose out on a good viewing spot, either.  We laid down a few blankets we had brought.  The girls were a little confused as to what we were doing and what was going on:

What's on his mind...?

Cameron was getting bored waiting for the movie to start, since they wouldn't start it until it got dark, so he took Alegria to the petting zoo and to get some popcorn.  
In the meantime, there was music playing and so Odette and I took pictures, jammed out, and tickled each other:

Cameron and Alegria reurned quickly.  Apparently, when they got to the petting zoo, they had just closed shop, so they got some popcorn and came back.  Picture time!

Finally it got dark and the movie started...

...but the girls were not sitting still.  Odette was extremely tired, I could tell, but she was overstimulated and would not just lay in my arms and fall asleep...there was too much commotion for that plan to work!  And Alegria was also too excited about the whole situation that even though she was half watching the movie, she still wouldn't sit still.  Cameron and I were not enjoying the movie very much, not only because of the girls' constant movement, but also because the movie, "Alvin and the Chipmunks 3: Chipwrecked" was just not as good as the first two, in our opinion.  So about half-way through, we decided we were leaving.  Alegria protested and said she WAS watching the movie, but we'd made up our minds and we left...much to her chagrin.  Oh well.  
We got home, got the girls ready for bed, and now Cameron and I finally have peace and quiet.

It was another fun, busy day!

Good night everyone!!!  :)

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