Saturday, April 14, 2012

Long Live the Longhorns!

While I got breakfast ready, I let the girls each have a glass of warm water and tiny capsules with foam animals in them that they got to "grow."

After breakfast, we got ready for the day.  Alegria's been dressing herself a lot lately and today she decided to wear her Longhorns shirt...and so I decided to dress Odette in her Longhorns cheerleading outfit, too.  

Trying to get a good picture of our two princesses:

While we were chillin' in the house, Daddy mowed the lawn:

After mowing the lawn, Daddy went to work out.  In the meantime, the girls and I drew with chalk on the driveway:

Alegria is signing and saying, "Hook 'em Horns!" in this picture:

Alegria added her own touch to my artwork...

...including a happy face on the Longhorn!  Can you see it?!  Too funny!!!

When Daddy saw his lovely ladies in their Longhorns attire, he followed suite (after showering, of course!)...and then taught Alegria how to play hopscotch:

Finally we came inside.  With Alegria's help, we laid out our living room rug.  At first we weren't sure we even wanted to keep it (it's been with Cameron since he was a bachelor in Florida), but it traveled with us and I was feeling that the living room was a little too bare and impersonal.  Adding the rug gave it just the right touch.  I'm so glad we kept it after all.  :)

Then we all pitched in to vacuum and dust:

And that was pretty much our Saturday.

Hook 'em!!!

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