Friday, April 20, 2012


This morning we went to the park by ourselves since their friends, Ethan and Ryan were recovering from a 48-hour bug.  The girls had fun, as always:

Odette, attempt 1 at climbing up on this structure:

Monkey see, monkey do!!!

Odette, attempt 2 at climbing this structure: SUCCESS!!!

Getting down?  Not so much...she whined until I helped her down.  Hahaha!

After we got back, relaxed, had lunch, and Odette had a nap, we went to the hospital for the girls to get their checkups done.  Odette was due for her 18-month checkup and shots back in Texas...on the DAY of our departure, so that didn't happen.  And since I got both girls registered at CYS, they needed to have an updated health assessment for Alegria as well.

We were assigned to the Green Hallway:

We were called back not too long after we checked in and both girls got their vitals done.  Alegria even had her vision checked and did an amazing job!  The nurse told me that she was impressed...that Alegria was the first young child ever to name all of the pictures correctly without her needing any assistance!  She passed with flying colors and was given an assessment of 20/20 vision...YAY!  :)

Then it was time for the checkup with the doctor.  As we waited in the examination room, I took a few pictures:

Yes, that's my child sticking her finger somewhere she's not supposed to.  She was quickly reprimanded and asked to remove her finger from the Ethernet outlet.

Alegria's appointment was a piece of cake...until the doctor told us that she needed to get up-to-date on her shots.  Uh-oh!  Apparently, there's a shot that she needs here in Georgia that she didn't need back in Texas.  Alegria was all smiles until the point when she had to get that shot...and after that she no longer liked the nurses even though they gave her a lollipop afterwards.  Alegria kept saying to me, "I don't like nurses!  I don't like shots!"  

Then it was Odette's turn.  I was pleasantly surprised that Odette did not cry and scream throughout her whole appointment like she has done in the past.  As the doctor was listening to her heart, though, he was taking a long time and I thought he couldn't hear very well because Alegria kept talking, so I tried to get her to be quiet so that he could listen better.  Well, it turns out that he was listening more closely because he heard a heart murmur.  He explained to me that essentially, there's extra blood rushing through her arteries between heart beats...that he could hear a "whoosh, whoosh" sound between heart beats. he's referring her to a pediatric cardiologist to have it further evaluated.  He did tell me, though, that it's not uncommon and that young children usually grow out of them and that there's nothing to worry about.  Then Odette got her four shots.  Thankfully, two nurses administered them at the same time, so she only had to feel the pain twice.  She cried for that, of course, and then she got a lollipop as well.

Finally we left.

Daddy was home to greet us and we went to the park to play:

It was extremely hot, though, so we were only there for a few minutes before we returned home.  Alegria insisted on pushing Odette in her stroller:

Poor girls were red in the face with only that short amount of time in the hot sun and humidity of Georgia:

Back home we had some dinner and then as a treat for the girls doing a great job at the doctor's office, Daddy went to the corner store and bought some ice cream for dessert.

The rest of the night we just relaxed.

Good night!!!  :)

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