Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wildlife Wonders

This morning, Heather and her boys came over and we all piled into their minivan to go to a free event on post called "Wildlife Wonders."  When we first arrived, the children were drawn to the colorful bounce houses:

Alegria, of course, wanted to bounce in the blue one, so she quickly got in:

When she realized that it was enclosed the whole way through, she decided that she didn't want to be in it after all...and since there were so many children bouncing on the regular bounce house, we veered the kids over to the petting zoo.  That proved to be Alegria's favorite thing!

We almost had to pry Alegria away from the petting zoo in order to go watch a live exotic animal show, but she and the other children seemed excited to be able to learn about other animals, especially when they were given the chance to pet some of them!

A super cute hedgehog:

An armadillo:

An owl:

A crocodile:

The lady's explanations of the animals started to be too much for the children and they began to get restless, so before the show was over, we decided to head over to the snack area before there was a crowd.  The kids had no problem with getting their free snacks!

Then we went back over to the petting zoo one more time before heading home.  Alegria was sooooo sad to leave!

That afternoon, Alegria and Odette received some mail from Grandma and Grandpa Marlow!  Here's Daddy reading the letter to them:

Later, Alegria and Odette had fun jumping on the trampoline:

When it got too hot and the girls were beyond too sweaty, they came in and cooled off, and played in the playroom.  Fancy that, Odette loves safari animals too and has picked up on a few playing habits of Alegria's...organizing all of the animals in a row, stacking animals on top of each other and "feeding" them out of any container she finds!


Alegria was too busy playing with Mrs. Potatohead to notice that Odette was playing with her safari animals...thank goodness!!!  :)

Then it was time to make dinner:

While I made our real dinner, Odette caught up on her reading...shoe shopping!  She truly is a girl after my own heart:

Because Daddy was so busy preparing for his op-order yesterday, we left my birthday cake-cutting until today after dinner:

It was DELICIOUS!!!  Thanks again, Heather!!!  :)

Then Odette made a few phone calls before practicing her drum riffs for a gig her band's got coming up:

At the end of the night, as we were cleaning up all of the toys, I noticed this:

When asked what this was, Alegria replied that her animals were in their cages, just like at the petting zoo today!  Notice the baby beanie hat on one of the containers...the lady at the live exotic animal show actually had covers on all of the cages!  What an observant and creative little girl!!!  :)

It was a busy and fun-filled day!  Can't wait for tomorrow with my precious little family!!!  :)

Good night everyone!!!  :)

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