Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tricare Tuesday

The park was fun again today...it was empty except for us, so the girls had the playground all to themselves:

After Odette's nap, we went as a family to the Tricare office to update our insurance (Tricare is the name of our military health insurance).  The office was not crowded and we didn't have to wait too long.  And even if the wait had been longer than it was, they had lots of children's books in the waiting room and the girls behaved really well as they read books and had some snacks that I had brought along with us:

Even though the ride home was short, Alegria was so exhausted that she fell asleep in the car...wearing my black sunglasses!  Too funny!

Odette wanted sunglasses, too, and whined until I gave her the pair I was wearing:

Back home, the girls had fun blowing bubbles while on the trampoline:

Later on that evening, we were playing in the playroom.  I had been wearing a bandanna over my horrific-looking hair, but since we were done running errands and such, I took it out.  Alegria got a hold of it and put it on all by herself (I had just pulled it out without untying the knot...and in the process apparently pulled out a few strands of hair, too, which I didn't notice until I looked at these pictures and saw the strands hanging from the bandanna onto Alegria's shirt!).  Alegria just looked too cute not to take pictures!!!

And that was pretty much our day.

Have a good night everyone!!!  :)

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