Thursday, April 12, 2012

Shopping Buddies

After our walk this morning, I quickly got myself and the girls ready to meet our new friend, Amy, at the mall.  I met Amy at the Captain's Career Course (MCCC) Spouse's Orientation.  She got my number and texted me about getting together, so we decided to meet at the mall for lunch and some shopping...FUN!!!  :)

Of all days, I forgot my camera at home today, so I only had my phone to get pictures with.  Odette looked so cute in her pig tails!

As soon as we walked into a store called Charlotte Russe, I was immediately drawn to the back, where they had all of their shoes.  Alegria, sweet child and girl after my own heart, as soon as she saw the shoes, began pulling them off the shelves and trying them on:

We, of COURSE, went to my favorite store, Victoria's Secret, and I bought myself a new perfume with a Secret Rewards card that I had received with an order that I made last month from their online store.  I'm totally addicted to Vicki's!!!

We also went to a store called Buckle, which Amy really loves, and she tried on a few tops.  I tried on a belt and as soon as I put it on, Alegria looked at me and said, "Mommy, you look so beautiful!"  Alegria is the BEST shopping buddy ever!!!  :)

We finally said our goodbyes and went home.  It was so fun going to the mall with Amy!  I'm so glad that she is so outgoing and that she asked for my number!  :)

Back home, Odette took a much-needed nap and Alegria and I watched some TV and colored.  At one point, Alegria asked me to draw a rooster, so I did.  A short while later, she asked me to draw a baby chicken and as I looked at the sheet of paper, I noticed that she'd made an addition to the rooster I'd drawn previously.  I asked her what those oval things were and she said, "Poop!"  Oh, that child!!!

Later that evening, we went to the park with Daddy.  On the way home, for some reason, Odette decided that she wanted to walk her trike.  Silly baby with a big baby belly!!!

Alegria did really well and rode her bike the whooole way, though she needed a little push going up the driveway when we got home (it has a little incline and she was tired by then!):

What a fun day!

Good night!!!  :)

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