Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"New" Story Time

How long has it been since we moved here?  I can't even remember!  In any case, however long it's been, I finally today cleaned out Doralee's fishbowl! She looks so much happier now!

We didn't go on our walk this morning because I wasn't sure I'd be able to get myself and the girls ready in time to make it to story time at the library.  So I took my time and got them dressed all cute!

We were the first ones there...and the girls were drawn immediately to the crayons on the tables.  At story time back in Texas, the children could work on their craft prior to story time, during, and/or after.  Here, they had the crayons out, but no sheets to color or anything, so the girls were a little confused:

Close to 11, I told Alegria that story time was about to start and to go find a spot to sit.  She decided to sit right by the letter "A."  :)  Odette, however, did not want to go sit on the story time rug, so she and I sat together on a little couch right behind the rug.

Alegria had fun dancing along to the music that the librarian had playing at the beginning.  There were only a few other children at first and they looked to be at least a year younger than Alegria and didn't dance along as much:

I was very surprised when after three songs and one book, the "rug time" portion of story time was over.  It lasted all of ten minutes!

Then it was time for the craft.  By then, more children had shown up.  The craft was Easter-themed and it took a while for Tanya (the children's librarian) to pass out the hard-boiled eggs that she had prepared for the children to color.

After the children colored an egg with crayons, Tanya dyed an egg for each child.  Kudos to her, she had a few cups of liquid dye on a shelving cart and she let each child choose a color for her to dye their second egg.  I, personally, would never have been brave enough to have liquid dye on carpet, let alone next to books!  

Anyway.  Then she dipped the egg in for a short while, took it out, dried it with a paper towel and put both of each child's egg into a colorful plastic bag for them to take home.  

I must admit that I was a little disappointed with this Easter-themed story time.  Back in Copperas Cove, where my sister, Abilehi, is the children's specialist/librarian, at Easter time, she always has an Easter Egg Hunt for the children.  She hides hundreds of plastic eggs filled with stickers and candy and the children bring their Easter Baskets to find them and put them in.  It's awesome!  But at this story time they didn't even hand out even one piece of candy to the children...oh well.  It was really nice that they got to take hard-boiled eggs home at least.  :)

The girls and I checked out a few books and two dvds and then began our journey home.  I say journey because this was the first time I'd driven on post all by myself...and I took a wrong turn on the way home and what should have taken us five minutes, took us about 20.  I finally got us home and even Alegria got a little worried when I told her I was lost...but we finally made it back.  :)

After lunch, Odette took a nap and Alegria and I colored.  This is Alegria's rendition of a giraffe:

That evening after dinner, we went to the park with Daddy and Isis.  While Cameron was in the dog park with Isis, I stayed with the girls in the playground and met a nice lady, her husband, and their two daughters.  Their girls and our girls had fun playing together:

I even gave Graciela, the mother, my phone number before they left (for once I didn't have my phone on me and could not get her number too).  Hopefully she'll call me and we can have playdates with the girls!  :)

We finally came home, gave the girls a bath, and now they're in bed.

I'm tired, so I'll be heading to bed now, too.

Good night!

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