Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Gym Birthday Party

Today the biggest thing on our agenda was a birthday party that Alegria was invited to by one of her Sunbeam (church) classmates.  Cameron stayed home with Odette while Alegria and I attended the birthday party.

The birthday party was for a little girl named Leona and it was at a My Gym facility.  I'd never heard of My Gym and got lost getting there, but we finally made it.

My Gym is basically a gym for children.  As soon as we entered the facility, Alegria's eyes grew wide and she did not need much encouragement to go and play!

After the children had had some free play time, the young men in charge called everyone to sit in a circle, welcomed everyone, sang to the birthday girl, and then they began playing structured games.

In the first game, the children had to find an object of the color the gentlemen told them and touch their nose to it:

Next they played a game sort of like dodge ball, except the children were supposed to focus throwing the balls at the two young men.  Alegria really like that game and even hogged some balls to inflict more damage at once!

There were many more games played:

Bubbles to pop:


Face painting:

And also ziplining!

They finally came to the end of the games and sat them all in a row to sing one last time to the birthday girl and to calm the kids down before having cake.  Sadly, the little girl next to Alegria touched Alegria's face paint...

So Alegria reprimanded her!  Haha!  Thankfully, she was able to get it fixed.  :)

Cake time!!!

What a beautiful butterfly and even more beautiful girl!!!  :)

After having cake, I was surprised that they didn't leave time to open presents...they pretty much just ushered everyone out.  As I was bending down to put my shoes back on (I had gone into the play area to take pictures and no shoes were allowed in there), my necklace fell and shattered.  It was a seashell that Cameron had found for me when he was deployed overseas while we were dating and that he'd drilled holes in to make into a necklace.  I was so sad that it broke.  :(

Alegria and I left, but I had to turn around and come back because I'd left my new Victoria's Secret water bottle there.

Finally we got home and the rest of the day we spent just hanging out.

Good night!  :)

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