Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dinosaur Dig

After our walk, the girls had a lot of fun playing at the playground.  The great thing about walking early is that, for the most part, we have the whole playground to ourselves!

The place is so deserted that even Big Bear gets a swing all to himself!

Today, as luck would have it, Odette had a messy diaper while we were at the playground, so we had to cut the playtime short (only 20 minutes there today) and head back home, since I typically don't bring a diaper or wipes on our walk with us.  In order to avoid Odette sitting in her diaper, I had the girls switch spots so that Odette could stand on the platform on the way home.  They thought that was fun:

No more juice for Odette at breakfast, since that sometimes triggers her bowels!  Juice will have to remain a lunch/snack treat!

Back home, I got Odette cleaned up, we watched Doc McStuffins (Alegria's new favorite show!) and then it was time for lunch and a nap for Miss Odette.

Once Odette was napping, Alegria and I went to the backyard to play.  She wanted to play in the dirt...and she ended up finding a dinosaur while digging!!!

A tiny one, yes, but nonetheless, a dinosaur.  :)

And that was the excitement of our day.  Hope yours was great!

Have a good night!!!  :)

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