Monday, April 9, 2012

Mean Girls...

...well...sort of...

We went on our walk this morning, as usual.  When we got to the park, there was a lady and her two daughters there.  Alegria, the fun-loving social butterfly that she is, immediately went up to the eldest little girl and introduced herself and asked her name (Lauren).  The two played on the teeter-totter and then played "Tag" for a little while.  

While Alegria played with Lauren, I played with Odette, while still keeping an eye on Alegria: 

A little bit later, another lady and her two little girls showed up and the first mother told Lauren, "Look who's here!"  Lauren went right away to play with her friend, Hunter.  Apparently, the two ladies had planned on meeting up at the park this morning.  

Alegria wanted to play with the little girls, of course, but when she tried to get on the tire swing with them, Lauren kind of pushed Alegria away and told Alegria to leave them alone.  Alegria fell and almost got smacked in the head as the tire swing swung back.  

Now, I understand that children will pick and choose their friends and not be so nice to each other sometimes, but what frustrated me the most was that the mother did nothing...she was not paying attention at all to what was going on.

If it had been Alegria being mean like that, I would have first of all, helped up the little girl that had been pushed, apologized, and then reminded Alegria that we need to be nice and to play with whoever it was that was wanting to play with her.  And if she didn't want to do that, I would have probably told her that if she can't be nice, then we'd have to leave the playground.

Anyway.  I called to Alegria, helped her brush off, and then sent her on her way again.  She played by herself for a little while, but then wanted to play "Tag" along with the two girls when they began playing that.  Lauren again told Alegria to leave them alone and that they didn't want her to play with them.

I was so saddened by this.

We left.

When Cameron came home for lunch, I cried as I retold the story of what had happened this morning.  Thankfully, Alegria didn't seem to be fazed by what had fact, it looked like she'd forgotten the whole indcident.

The rest of the day went well as we relaxed and played at home.  :)

And now it's off to bed.

Good night!

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