Monday, April 23, 2012

Little Spinners

We started our day off today with our morning walk.  The rest of the day was pretty slow.  I did laundry and played with the girls.  

Alegria got a hold of my camera and took a few pictures, which actually came out pretty good, if you ask me:

I tried my hand at picture-taking, too, but was not as successful:

During Odette's nap, Alegria played with play dough while I folded the clean laundry.  She told me she was making a birthday cake for me:

I should have thought to take a picture of the finished was a tall, multi-tiered and very colorful cake!  :)

Odette finally woke up from her nap and we played with their dolls.  Odette just LOVES babies!!!

Then we watched "Madagascar 2" and the girls had a blast "dancing" during the closing credits!

That night we had apple sticks and honey-peanut-butter dip before dinner.  The girls liked the dip and Odette liked the apples as well.  Alegria keeps telling us she doesn't like fruits and veggies and had a difficult time eating just a few.  It's a struggle most days with her...  *sigh*  Hopefully one day she'll learn to love fruits and veggies...

Finally we had Family Home evening, the girls had baths, and now they're in bed.

Good night everyone!!!  :)

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