Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Daddy's Back!

Before Cameron got home today, Alegria spent some of the day bettering her climbing skills:

Then she was drinking out of my cup and spilled water all over her onesie...so I let her go about in just a diaper for a little while:

Later, she and I went to go pick up some diapers from the Shoppette, but her onesie was still wet, so I just put her overalls on her:

When we got home, Daddy was already home!!! YAY!!!

After Alegria went to bed, I came out from the bedroom to find Cameron like this:

Poor guy...he had told me when we got home that from Sunday until today, they'd only had about TWO HOURS of sleep! So he literally CRASHED on the couch. I read a little bit and made a few phone calls.

Now Cameron's awake and we're gonna go to bed.

Good night!


Well...I guess it wasn't in the stars for ME to go to bed yet...as Cameron and I were getting ready to go to bed, Alegria heard us and woke up. I tried nursing her back to sleep, but she didn't want to. I didn't want to keep Cameron awake by staying in the bedroom to try to get her to stop "talking" and go to sleep, so she and I came back out. I decided to make some pudding and went into the kitchen. Alegria followed me, of course. :)

Here Alegria is trying to take some tape off of a box underneath the bar in the kitchen...I don't know WHAT her fixation is on plastic! She just loves it! Paper, plastic, electrical cords...anything you don't want her ingesting, that's what she goes for!

Once I finished and put the pudding in the fridge, she tried getting into the fridge herself, so I distracted her and brought her over to her toy shelf, where she picked up her medicine syringe and played with it...well, sucked on it:

Well...it's about 11:45 and I think Alegria's finally getting sleepy again. I sure hope she goes to sleep fast...I'm pretty tired myself!

Good night! (For real this time!) :)

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