Sunday, November 22, 2009

Alegria's Very Own Bag

I put Alegria's new coloring book, crayons and finger puppets in the bag that the finger puppets came in...a perfect fit! Now she has her own little bag to carry to church (and something to entertain her with during sacrament!):

On our way to the car after church, Alegria was holding on to the keys as well as her bag (which, by the way, her coloring book did help keep her entertained a bit!). So cute how she's looking up adoringly at her Daddy!

Or was it just her way of getting her way and keeping the keys?

Alegria: "I PROMISE I won't speed, Daddy! Please let me drive?"

Once home, Alegria had some lunch and then took a nap.

When Alegria woke up, we pretty much just chilled...she looks so cute in just her onesie and tights! :)

Alegria: "Big Bear, no cheating! I BEAT you on that one! I'm telling you, rock beats scissors!"

Coloring: much as I tried to teach her to only have one crayon out at a time, she overruled me on this one and won. She always dumps them ALL out (except at church, I was able to keep the crayons in check there!) Oh well. I guess I should let her have a few small victories so I can put my foot down on what really matters!

While Daddy prepared dinner (yummy Cambodian lok-lak tonight!), Alegria and I ran around and played. Boy, is she silly! Need I say more? Just look at this picture!!!

I took her tights off at dinner so she wouldn't get them too messy with food falling on her lap. Afterwards, she got the bright idea and asked me to put them on Big Bear!

Big Bear sports his girly tights:

Alegria: "There's no use wrestling me, Big Bear! I'm bigger than you and will make you keep the tights on!"

Alegria: "See? I told you so! I win!"

Alegria: "Fine! I'm tired of hearing you complain, Big Bear! Here...I'll even help you take them off!"

Alegria: "You're such a baby, Big Bear..."

Alegria: "...and for that, you get to go to time out!"

As you can see, today was a pretty laid-back day. We spent a wonderful Sabbath as a family.

Have a good night!!!

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