Monday, November 16, 2009

Sick Baby :(

So...Alegria's sick. I finally admit it. I was hoping that she wouldn't EVER get sick, but that's wishful thinking. And well, like any mother who doesn't like to see her child sick, I am now giving in to her letting her eat her breakfast on the couch while we watch "Baby Signing Time."

Since my friend Andrea's little boy has been sick and they're about the same age, I asked her how she was helping him cope with his cold and she told me what she did. So Alegria and I headed to Wal-Mart to get some medicine for her cold along with some groceries. Because it's real windy today, I busted out a little hat that Alegria hasn't worn since last winter and here she is trying to put it on herself!

Silly goose! :)

Alegria was tired of being in the cart, so finally I let her roam about a little as I looked for black warm tights for her. She wanted me to get her more socks instead:

And a new blanket:

On our way home, Cameron called to ask if we'd like to come see him for lunch, so we swung back around and headed to Post. Alegria fell asleep on the way there, but she woke up in time to go have some lunch at Charleys...YUM!

After lunch, we dropped Daddy off at Troop (that's what they call the building where their offices are). Daddy kindly offered to give Alegria her medicine so that by the time I got home with her, she would just go right to bed:

When Daddy got home from work, we had some dinner and then we went to Wal-Mart to buy a humidifier. As soon as we got home, Daddy put it together:

Alegria was very intrigued with the humidifier. Here's a short video of her trying to smell the Vicks vapors coming out of it...and then she asks for her blanket in sign language, using please and thank you as well!

What a day! Not only was it crazy because of all of the running around we did, but it was also crazy because my sick child kept wanting to be carried around, so it was almost impossible to put her down to even just wipe down the table after a meal!


I sure hope the cold runs its course FAST!!!

Buenas Noches! (Good night in Spanish)

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