Saturday, November 14, 2009

Playtime Fun!

We ventured back to the City Park playground today. It was practically empty, so we had all of the play equipment to ourselves, pretty much.

Alegria was quite adventurous and enjoyed herself on many different activities:

Today she even learned how to push herself all by herself on the slide!

Poor Alegria has had a runny nose for a couple of days, but that didn't stop her from having fun!

Even Daddy joined in on the fun! Here he is, showing his mad skills on a chain bridge:

Before leaving, Alegria made some time for a small workout:

Later on, we went to see Cyrus. Here Cameron's spraying him down:

On his way back from putting away Cyrus's stuff, Daddy caught Alegria and swung her high in the air!

After a full day of playing as a family, Cameron and I got to go on a quasi-date. We dropped Alegria off at Little Josh's house (thank you, again, Andrea, for watching her for us!) so that she could have a little play date while Cameron and I went to a work BBQ at the Commanding Officer's (CO) house.

Cameron and I had a nice time. He chatted with everyone there and I got to meet a new lady, the Executive Officer's (XO) wife. She was super nice and I was glad she and I got to chat.

The CO has a HUGE German Shepherd dog who kept trying to get us to throw a stick for it! The dog's name is Sabot and he even brought the stick and placed it on my lap! I thought I would be nice and throw it for him, but boy, is he quick! I didn't realize he would try to bite down on it before I even had it thrown, but he did and he about bit my leg off!!! Not really, but he did graze my knee with his teeth and I was afraid he had punctured it. So I played it off and said I was fine, but a while later, I went to the bathroom to inspect it and luckily I was, indeed, fine. It felt like blood was running down my leg, but it was just my imagination.

At 8:30, Cameron and I left. We arrived at the Hawkins' at about 8:45 and Alegria and Little Josh were both in their PJs playing. They looked so cute!!! Alegria had never been away from home in her PJs and I thought she looked simply adorable when we picked her up! It was almost a sleepover!!! :)

On our way home, I thought for sure Alegria would fall asleep, but she didn't. She went straight to bed, though, once we were home. She was indeed tired!

Well, it was another wonderful day!!!

Gute Nacht! (Good night in German)

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