Friday, November 20, 2009

My Little Kitchen Helper

As Alegria and I played in the living room this morning, she decided to climb under the coffee table:

Then she snuggled with her blanket on the floor:

Look at those eyes!!!

Alegria showing me her belly button:

As part of her naptime routine, I always ask Alegria if she wants to go to the potty. If she wants to go, she'll usually make the sign for potty and then knock on the bathroom door. If she doesn't, she'll just walk away and I try again after her nap.

After her nap today, Alegria requested a snack, as usual. So we made some French Vanilla pudding...YUM! In the past, I would make it and let her watch, but today I decided that she's getting old enough to help me:

What started out as Alegria "trying" the pudding with one little finger ended with her scarfing down handfuls at a time!!!

Cameron was supposed to be home by 5:30 today, but he ended up having to stay late at work, so Alegria and I headed out on our own at about 6. We stopped by HEB to buy some dinner rolls and then went to the church building, where the Ward Thanksgiving dinner was about to start.

There were a LOT of people there and tons of food...though only one turkey and one ham. I guess they weren't anticipating such a big turnout. It was a potluck for the sides and desserts, so there was a lot of that and even enough to spare! Alegria had some of my roll and some of my desserts, but hardly any real food, so when we got home at about 7:45, I gave her some dinner. The activity sure was fun, though, the best part being that we were able to catch up with friends. :)

Well, that's about it.

Have a wonderful night!!!

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