Tuesday, November 10, 2009

When We're Helping We're Happy

Alegria was supposed to be helping Daddy bring the trash bin in, but she decided that that's not a girl's job and walked past him on his way back to the garage:

She IS, however, intrigued by the hitch on the back of the truck, manly as trucks and hitches may be:

Alegria: "Daddy, please call me when you get to the fun stuff and I'll help you out, ok?"

Alegria: "Hm...screws...!"

Alegria: "I promise, Mommy! I put all of the screws back! See?! I don't have any in my hands!"

Alegria: "I told you so..."

Alegria: "The grass is kind of crunchy..."

Alegria: "Here, Daddy, let me help you..."

Alegria: "Here are some more screws..."

After the work was done (Daddy built a structure to hang his work gear on in his office), then it was time to play:

Once inside, it was time to get dinner on the table. While I got dinner ready, Alegria was in the kitchen with me. At one point she was standing behind me, quiet...and then all of a sudden she came up to the oven to look at her reflection...and she had no shirt on!!! She had taken it off all by herself! So I put it back on her and tried to get her to repeat the process, but she didn't make it all the way this time:

Oh well. :)

Then it was time for dinner. We took all of Alegria's clothes off so that she wouldn't get too dirty. Well, after dinner, this is what we found her doing:

Looks like were going to have to keep Alegria's pants on her until she's potty-trained or else who knows what can happen now that she's figured out how to un-velcro her diapers!!!

Have a great night!

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