Sunday, November 15, 2009

Beret?...or Bloomers?

Today was Stake Conference, so Church was from 10-12 instead of the usual 9-12.

Back home, we all took naps.

In the evening, we just hung out.

Alegria decided that the little bloomers that go with her dress would make a good hat:

What a silly little munchkin we have! Boy, do we love her!!! :)

At about 5:15, I left to go to the Church building, where I met up with a few people from our ward. From there we caravaned to Temple (a city called Temple), where there was a Single Adult Fireside.

Some members of our ward had put together a Fireside called "An Evening with Joseph Smith and Emma" that they performed for the adults in our ward back in the spring and then for the young men and women this summer. I had been asked to sing "O My Father" for it, but hadn't been able to for the spring performance since I was in Kentucky at the time. I was able to for the young men and women this summer and then tonight for the single adult fireside.

I left not long after I sang so that I could get back to Alegria, who we think is getting sick. She had only had a runny nose for about a week, but then instead of it going away like it has in the past, today she started coughing, too, so I decided that I wanted to get home to her as soon as possible (even though I knew she wasn't missing me at all, but playing with Daddy!).

When I got home, Alegria was bathed, in her PJs, and ready to go to bed. I literally threw everything that I had in my hands on the floor in the entryway and grabbed her up in my arms...she had come towards me with her arms wide open as I walked in the door! So cute!!! I kissed her and hugged her and told her I loved her and held her for a few minutes before handing her to Daddy for him to put her to bed. Poor baby, I hope she gets well soon!

And that's pretty much it for today!

Bonne nuit! (Good night in French)

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