Saturday, November 7, 2009

Guard Duty

I can't believe I didn't take pictures at the Primary Program Practice! Oh well. Sufficeth to say that it went really well!

When we had lunch, Alegria even ate some carrots and pizza! Up to now she's not eaten pizza, so it's nice to know that she actually will eat it now. And I've been trying to feed her cooked carrots, but I guess she prefers the cold, crunchy variety, because she was eating them up today! :) She's expanding her food repertoire, thank goodness! I was afraid it would be shells and cheese and bologna forever!

When we got home, Alegria went straight to bed. Cameron was already awake...had been since 10:30, which surprised me. He didn't get home until 5:30 in the morning, so I thought he would have still been sleeping when Alegria and I got back. He told me that he'd gotten a phone call from one of his men and that had woken him up. But he was still tired and I was tired, too, so we ended up napping til about 3:30 when Alegria woke up!!! WOW! It was nice that Alegria took a long nap so we could take a long nap, too! We needed that!

The rest of the day, we just hung out. Cameron wanted to be in his own house and I didn't blame him...I would, too, if I'd been at work as long as he'd been the last couple of days! about 4:30, Cameron got a call from one of the guys, asking if he wouldn't mind taking tonight's shift on Post. Cameron wasn't supposed to do guard duty again until tomorrow night, but being the nice guy he is, he agreed to switch.

Here's Alegria in our bathroom while Daddy's getting ready:

Alegria hands Daddy his keys:

Then she hands him his chapstick:

Now a hug for Daddy...

...and a kiss:

See you tomorrow, Daddy! We love you very much!!!

Once Cameron left, Alegria and I played some more before her bed time. Here she is rolling on her soccer ball:

She's so silly sometimes!!!

Well, now that Alegria's in bed, I've got dishes to wash and then I'm off to bed!

Sleep tight!!! :)

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