Wednesday, November 11, 2009


This morning was an early morning. There was a Veteran's Breakfast at Church starting at 7:30, so Alegria and I headed over as soon as we could.

I was asked to sing "America the Beautiful" for the program:

After the breakfast, Abilehi, Andrea, and Little Josh came over to hang out. Alegria had a fun time being tickled by her Aunt Abilehi!

Not long after we'd arrived home, Cameron texted me to tell me he'd be home by noon. How exciting!!!

So Alegria and I had fun with Andrea, Little Josh, and Abilehi until Andrea and Little Josh had to leave.

Then Cameron came home as I was baking a cake and Abilehi was playing with Alegria.

After Abilehi had left and Alegria was up from her nap, Cameron, Alegria, and I went to the hospital on Post so Cameron could visit one of his men.

Alegria and I waited in the waiting area, she explored and I took pictures:

Back home, we played with Isis:

Then later on that evening, Alegria saw me trimming my toe nails and as soon as she found an opening, she swiped my nail clippers and tried to cut her toenails herself (she refuses to let me cut her toenails!):

And that was our day.

We are so very grateful for all those who have fought, who do fight, and who will fight for the freedoms we enjoy. There are never enough or even adequate words to describe the overwhelming gratitude we feel for them. Thank you, and...


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