Monday, November 23, 2009

Little Indian Girl

As Alegria was finishing up brushing her teeth this morning, I decided to put pigtails in her hair. So cute!

I think they were a little too tight, though, because she kept wanting to take them out:

Either that or they just felt different. I'll have to get her used to having pigtails and ponytails in her hair, but I'm afraid to do it too often right now since she doesn't have much hair and I don't want her pulling out what little she has!

At 10:30, we went to Story Time at the library. Today's theme was Thanksgiving and the craft was making a feather headband!

Alegria didn't want to keep it on, so I had to take quick pictures, which meant I never really got her face or her smiling while wearing the headband!

Story Time was lots of fun, as usual. Alegria really enjoys the music most of all, and especially at the end where the kids get to choose an instrument to play while walking around the room!

Since today was a special theme for Story Time, at the end, there were refreshments. Alegria sure loved licking her finger, poking her cookie with it, and then licking the sugar off of it:

The cookie itself was a little bit of a harder cookie than we thought and it took a bit of effort for Alegria to bite into it, so in the end, she mostly just licked off the sugar!

When Daddy got home from work, dinner wasn't ready yet and both he and the baby were getting hungry, so they had a snack together on the bar of Wheat Thins and cream cheese:

After dinner, we all just played in the living room while watching Monday Night Football:

However, Alegria got bored with the football after a short while and asked to watch "Baby Signing Time," but I was tired of watching that, so I put in Ice Age 2 and she was mesmerized by Scrat!

Then Alegria had some milk and cookies before bed. Now she's fast asleep, Cameron's out walking Isis and I'm blogging. Life is good! :)

Have a magnificent night!

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