Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ponies, Pudding, and Pants

This morning I decided to see if Alegria had enough hair for me to pull it back into a ponytail. Well, the crown of her head had just enough...it looks so cute!!! :)

At some angles, it looks like it isn't even there, though!

My, Alegria! What a round head you have!

Alegria: "The better to look cute with, my dear!"

Between spoonfuls of her pudding snack, Alegria climbed on her walker:

Here she's asking for more:

While I was cleaning up after her snack, Alegria got quiet. I turned around...and she'd taken off her pants all by herself!!! So I put them back on to see if she could do it again:

I hope that once she's mastered taking off her clothes, she'll quickly thereafter learn to put them on!

Not long after lunch, I was getting Alegria ready for her nap, when I got a phone call from my friend, Andrea, who needed me to come over and stay at her place while Little Josh was napping so that she could go run an errand. So I got Alegria ready and we headed over.

Andrea had told me that on Saturday night, Alegria had kept playing with Josh's little Bumbo chair. I didn't realize just how much she loved it!

Who says toy trucks are only for boys?

Back home and after her nap, Alegria was such a sweet girl and helped me with the dusting. Now, if only she could also help me wipe her fingersprints off of all of the furniture!!!

Daddy had a meeting after work today and didn't get home until late, but when we did, we had a great time, as always!!! We love him so much!!!

Buona sera! (Good evening in Italian)

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