Monday, November 30, 2009


Daddy went to work today a 2nd Lieutenant...

...and after a short speech given by the Squadron Commander (SCO), a velcro patch with his old rank removed and replaced with a velcro patch with his new rank by me...

...and finally a silver bar placed on his garrison cover by the SCO...

...he became 1st Lieutenant Marlow...adored by all the ladies of this household!!! Lucky me, I even got to kiss him!!! Woo-hoo!!! ;)

We are so very proud of him on this his first promotion in the United States Army.

After the promotion ceremony, Cameron had to take his field helmet to get the new rank sewn on, so Alegria and I tagged along. As we waited for Daddy to go get his helmet from his office, I got a picture of the Fox Troop entry can plainly see why:

As the SCO said in his speech, the Army demands/takes a lot, but it also gives a lot in return. So with proud and honored hearts, we take on this burden and "embrace the suck."

At the alterations place, Alegria explored the plant in the corner.

Alegria, I thought you were a geologist! Now you're a botanist?

Alegria: "Mother, I go with the flow...or better yet, what flows green. This is where the money grows on trees, right? I'm trying to find it..."

After dinner, Alegria had a blast throwing herself all over the kitchen floor. Cameron and I just watched her from our chairs at the dining room table as she performed a silly show for us:

Then we headed over to the living room, where Alegria decided she wanted to fit herself inside one of the shelves of the entertainment center:

I wish I knew what goes on in that cute little round head of hers!!!

That's it for today.

Sleep well!!! :)

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  1. So many BIG congratulations to all of you. Way to GO!!!
    Ali and Chris


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