Monday, November 9, 2009

You're not done yet!

This morning we went to Story Time. Afterwards, Alegria and I stayed and chatted with Abilehi while Abilehi cleaned up...well, I chatted with Abilehi, Alegria roamed about...

...found Abilehi's Story Time tambourine...

...and decided to wear it as a hat...

...while running around!

She's sure silly!

And oh, so cute!!!

When Daddy got home from work today, he noticed that Alegria's blocks were all over the living room floor and that she was no longer playing with them, so he proceeded to help her clean up:

There's never a such thing as too many kisses for a little girl as cute as this:

Later, Alegria needed a diaper change and I enlisted Daddy to do it. You'd think that since Cameron was so gung-ho about changing diapers (he changed all of Alegria's diapers when we were in the hospital when she was born!), he wouldn't have a problem with doing it now, especially with all the experience he has after a year of doing it...but such was not the case:

I sure got my laughs in for the day!!! :)

Good night!

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  1. Hey,
    I can't believe how many cakes you have made!!! And they are all so cute. You are amazing and staying up so late to do I could never do that. You get paid good for 5them I hope!! I am sorry to hear about the shooting I hope no one you know died.


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