Saturday, November 21, 2009

My First Coloring Book

This morning Alegria again had a banana at breakfast and asked for it very politely:


While Daddy was out with Cyrus to get Cyrus's feet shod, Alegria and I had a fun time playing in the living room. Whenever she wasn't jumping into my arms from the coffee table, Alegria was getting a different perspective on life!

Then we played in her bedroom for a little while. Here she is kissing a miniature bear that her Aunt Lorelehi gave me a long time ago:

Alegria, did you accidentally pull the poor bear's eye out or had it already fallen off?

When Daddy got home, we hung out in the garage while he checked all of the fluids in the car and truck, cleaned out the filters, and vacuumed the vehicles, too.

Finally, we came inside and hung out while watching some college footbal games.

Alegria wanted Daddy's Carhart hat:

And so she took it!

Only YOU can pull off this look, Alegria!!! :)

Daddy sure loves to kiss and tickle Alegria!!! And she loves it, too!

Alegria wrestled Daddy to the ground:

And got a piggy-back ride!

After Alegria woke up from her nap, we took a little trip to Harker Heights to go to Barnes and Noble. Barnes and Noble is such a wonderful place! We could spend forever in there! Alegria loves it, too...she kept squealing at all of the stuffed animals around, wanting me to get them down for her to hug and kiss and looking at all of the books and climbing onto the little chairs in the junior section of the store. We finally decided on a little felt book with three animals that stick to the fabric and that double as finger puppets for Alegria to use her Barnes and Noble gift card on.

Then we headed back to Copperas Cove and the Wal-Mart there to pick up the fixin's for our Thanksgiving dinner. While we were there, we also got Alegria a JUMBO coloring book. And boy, is this book BIG! It's got 400 pages!!! That should keep her from wanting to color in Daddy's binders. :)

Daddy joins in on the fantabulous coloring fun:

Such concentration!

After coloring for a while, Alegria and Daddy "rough-housed" some more:

Alegria's been walking backwards for a long time now, but I'd never been able to capture it on video until today. It's so cute! However, when I need to change her diaper and we walk together to her bedroom, sometimes she'll stop at the doorway and stare at me as I get her changing pad and wipes and a clean diaper out and then she'll decide she doesn't want a diaper change. So she'll stare at me as she starts walking backwards into the hallway...and then she'll run off to the living room! THAT'S when it kind of gets annoying, though still cute even though I try to not giggle or smile when she does it then! In this video I had asked Cameron to try to get her to walk backwards and he finally succeeds! :)

Then Alegria had had enough rough play and wanted to quietly play with her entertainment gym. She loves the music that it plays and so she wanted to move it out from underneath the side table in the living room, but since it's a little awkward for her to carry or pull, she was getting frustrated. I finally asked if she wanted me to help her...and she surprised me by signing "help" and then "please!" After complying to her request, I was able to get her to sign "help" again. Oh, so cute!!!

Unfortunately, the day had to come to an end. Daddy always finds a fun way to get Alegria into her bedroom for her bedtime routine, though, so it's always a treat to go to bed!

Now it's off to clean up the dinner mess in the kitchen and then off to bed for us, too! :)

Good night!!!

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