Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Quiet Day

Today was a quiet day.

Melissa and her daughter, Sariah came to play in the morning.

When Daddy got home in the evening, we just played some more.

Here's Daddy giving Alegria kisses:

Here's Alegria showing me her bouncy ball:

Alegria found that there's a space behind one of the shelves on the entertainment center and every time she'd bounce the ball into that shelf, it would fall to the shelf underneath! That kept her entertained for a little while:

Then Alegria brought me a ribbon that she likes to play with. I had gotten it at a baby shower...it was wrapped around the prize I'd won during one of the games. Anyway. I tied it on her head and at first she was ok with it being on...

...but not long after, she just HAD to take it off!

Here are some more videos from today:

Daddy chases Alegria:

Alegria knows where her nose is!

Alegria loves her bath so much, she doesn't want to get out!

Daddy squirts water on Alegria with one of her bath toys:

Though we love Alegria to death, it's always nice to find ourselves as a couple once again at the end of the day and to spend time with just the two of us, renewing the friendship and love that brought us together. :)

Have a good night!!!

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