Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fort Hood Tragedy

Today was a pretty normal first.

Alegria and I went and played with Isis.

Here's Alegria telling Isis to stay down:

She climbed in the gray camping chair, as usual:

Alegria got her face licked by Isis quite a few times:

Alegria stopped to smell the flowers:

She also stopped to pick up small rocks:

It was pretty warm today, so Isis decided to stay in the shade as much as possible:

Alegria didn't care about the sun beating down on her and even brought the chair out to the lawn:

Alegria: "Oh no! Not the dog drool! Not the dog drool, please!"

Here she is looking for Isis's squeaky toys to play with:

Then we went inside and had some lunch and then Alegria went down for a nap. It was then that I began baking the cake that I'm making for tomorrow.

Wow. What an experience. I'd never baked a sheet cake before, but the customer had requested a cake to feed 20 people, so I bought a quarter sheet cake pan. Well, when it was ready to tort and level, I had a mishap...and KERSPLAT went the cake!

It's a good thing I wasn't baking the cake tonight or else I would have cried. At this point I thought to biggie, once Alegria wakes up, we'll just go to the store, pick up another cake mix, and voila, good to go!

Little did I know what was about to transpire...

Alegria woke up from her nap, I gave her a snack, and I was getting her ready for us to go. Well, then I got a phone call from Cameron informing me of a shooting that had taken place on Fort Hood. So I turned the local news on and listened the rest of the day as updates on the situation were given.

Needless to say, my shopping trip was off. Thank goodness I still had half of the batter from the cake left (I had used three cake mixes and had halved the batter for two layers) and one more cake mix. I was hoping to use two cake mixes for the new layer I was going to have to make, but I decided that with all of the frosting and fondant that would go on the cake, the second layer could be slightly thinner than the first layer, allowing me to use just the one cake mix that I had left.

Alegria and I stayed home and continued on with our day, hoping that things would settle down and be resolved so that Daddy could come home.

Once the lockdown was lifted on Fort Hood and everyone there was allowed to go home, we found out that Daddy had to stay on guard duty through the night.

So I played with Alegria the rest of the day.

Then I put her to bed and began working on my cake. Cameron was finally allowed to come home, but it was only for literally, two minutes while he got his gear, gave me a kiss, and went right back to Fort Hood.


Someone has to post guard...

At least I still have him, though he'll be away tonight. I'm grateful that Cameron is safe and sound and I mourn for those families who this morning, like me, also thought that it was just another normal day... God keep the families who lost loved ones and help those who are injured. May they find peace and comfort in knowing that He loves them, as He loves us all.

It's times like these that I'm ever grateful for the blessings of Cameron's and my Temple marriage and the sealing power that will keep us bound for all Eternity. Having that knowledge in my life makes it easier to handle the "what ifs" and makes it easier to bear the uncertainties of our mortality for we will see each other again after this life.

I love you, Cameron, forever and ever!!!

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