Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day of Rest

After Church, Cameron got into some old clothes and began cutting up the deer meat:

I kept coming to check on Cameron's progress and little by little, he was cutting us up some nice roasts and steaks:

Here's Cameron packaging up what he has so far (there's more to be cut up tomorrow):

Here's a picture of our little Nativity scene:

Cameron had to go home teaching at 6, so here he is, shining up his shoes before heading out:

While Cameron was gone, I got a couple of pictures of the Christmas decor in our living room (this first one is with the flash):

And without the flash:

It's not much, but it's simple and we like it. Once we've made all of the necessary big-ticket item purchases for our home, maybe we'll be able to add to our small home decor collection...maybe at the after-Christmas sales? :)

Alegria walking around with her blanket wrapped around her:

She is SO silly sometimes!!! :)

Cameron got back from home teaching at about 6:40, at which time we got Alegria ready and headed over to the Hawkins' place for dinner. Andrea made a delicious beef stroganoff with a yummy side salad, home-made bread, and a scrumptious peppermint brownie for dessert! We were really spoiled for dinner tonight...YUM!!!

And that was our day.

Good night everyone!!! :)

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