Friday, November 13, 2009

Footwear and Felines

Fortunately for us, Friday the 13th brings good luck and not bad!

Cameron had the day off from work and so we ran a few errands in of which was one of my favorites...shoe shopping at Payless! :) I needed a new pair of running shoes, so that was my goal. If there had been any cute black heels, I may have gotten those, too, but to my dismay, there were none that caught me eye.

Alegria, on the other hand, found lots of shoes she liked. Unfortunately, they weren't in her size, though that didn't stop her from carrying them all around the store!

After Alegria's nap, we went to see Cyrus.

While at ThomBoys (Cyrus's boarding place), Alegria saw a cat and chased it around!

I just love the way she was pointing at it!

At a little gazebo near Cyrus's grazing area:

Alegria snacking on some S'mores Goldfish crackers

Cyrus grazing:

Alegria chasing after another cat:

Back home, Alegria used her shape sorter box to sit on while watching "Baby Signing Time:"

What a most wonderful day spent with the family!!!

Have a great night! :)

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