Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I Didn't Even Ask!

For a mid-morning snack today, Alegria and I shared a Gala apple...scrumptious and crunchy, YUM! Alegria didn't eat much of it, though. It was new to her. Up to now, she's only had bananas, juice and Gerber fruit strips as her sources of fruit. We will continue to accustom her to them, though, so we can add another real fruit to her repertoire! Slow and steady wins the race, right? :)

As we played in the living room after our snack, I put Alegria's Indian headband out on the coffee table to see if she would play with it at all...and she actually put it on!

When Daddy got home from work this evening, Alegria wanted to jump off the coffee table...so Daddy obliged! They had a grand ol' time!

Alegria and I had been coloring, but then she got distracted and was playing with some other toys. Not too long afterwards, I noticed her walk off and then return...with the crayon box in hand. Not only that, though...she started putting them away...without me even asking her to!

I LOVE this man!!!

Play time ended and it was time for Alegria's bath.

Daddy carries his little girl lovingly into her bedroom to finish getting her ready for bed:

Good night, Alegria! Sleep tight! We love you!

And good night to all who read our blog. "See you" tomorrow!!! :)

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