Thursday, May 20, 2010

Creative Mind

Today was a rainy day, but even so, Alegria and I still ventured out to story time at the library. Alegria hogged the little baby doll again...much to my non-surprise!

While she played with the little doll, I wrote a letter to Cameron. Last night I had spent so much time on the care package and had written him a letter to send inside the care package, but then I realized that if the care package didn't arrive at the day I thought it should arrive, my whole "letter a day" goal would be for naught! And I didn't want him to go a day without a letter, so I decided to write a separate letter during story time. :)

Alegria is pretty smart! The first time we were at story time and she played with the doll, when it was time to go, she threw a fit! The next time we went, I offered her a piece of candy and was able to get the doll from her without a fit! Haha! Success!!! However; today, I told her I'd give her a piece of candy if she'd give me the she stretched the doll out to me...but before I could take it from her, she snatched it back and made the sign for "candy!" Talk about learning to blackmail! She learned to get her way FIRST before handing me what I wanted! What a sly little fox!

After story time, I let Alegria watch Signing Time in the car while I finished putting together Cameron's care package. I was originally only going to stick a letter in the box, along with all of the 3 Musketeers...but then I decided it would be more fun to make a game out of it! So I made up a riddle that asked a question. The answer was in the form of one word written on a slip of paper and stuck onto a piece of candy with a heart sticker...up to 36 words that would form the answer when read in order! On the bottom of each slip of paper were the numbers 1-36 written in smaller Spanish. There were a few pieces of candy left without a word and I let Cameron know in the letter that he could eat those while he thought about the order of the riddle and solved it! I know he took Spanish in high school...but that was so long ago, I was guessing that after the number ten, he might have some difficulty!

Anyway. Once I was done with the care package, we met Cameron's mom at Junga Juice. I had already picked us up some Pickle Barrel sandwiches for lunch and Alegria and I waited for her as we sipped my favorite Junga Juice smoothie made with peanut butter and chocolate...YUM!!!

After lunch, Cameron's mom accompanied us to the post office so that she could stay with Alegria while I sent the package. It was awesome of her to do that because it was still raining and it would have been a huge hassle to have to maneuver the baby, the package, and the diaper bag all at once! But with Cameron's mom's help, I was in and out of the post office in a jiffy! I can't wait for Cameron to get his care package! I hope he finds it as fun as I had getting it together! I love him so much!!!

We dropped Cameron's mom off so she could go back to work and then Alegria and I went back home.

After Alegria and I had had a nap, Kellen and Britney came over and Cameron's mom went with a friend to teach the Addiction Recovery class. As Kellen, Britney, Alegria and I hung out, Kellen did some laundry...and curious as she is...Alegria wandered in as he was in the laundry room doing it...and found that his laundry hamper was quite the fun toy to play with!!!

It's good to know Alegria's mind is growing and she's as creative at play as she is at mischief and manipulation! ;)

Good night!

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