Monday, May 24, 2010

Great Friends, Great Fun!!!

Although today was a snowy first, then rainy day, it was sunny inside! Alegria and I were blessed with a visit from some friends! My wonderful friend, Melissa, came to visit with her two little ones, Reed and Kaylee!!!

I can't believe how fast children grow! I remember when we left Montana, Reed was much smaller and Alegria was only two months old! Since then, Kaylee has joined the Jensen family and she's already walking around...not to mention has tons more hair than Alegria does!!! Time really flies!

Since the weather was so crummy today, we just stayed inside and played and watched movies and talked. It was so great to spend time with Melissa again! If only we lived closer to each other!

Here's Kaylee inspecting Big Bear:

Another reason we stayed inside today, too, was because I was expecting an anniversary gift from Cameron. We could have gone to the mall or to the library, but we decided it would be just as fun to catch up! So we stayed...but it turns out that I got a phone call to say that the flowers I was supposed to be getting today would be delayed until tomorrow. So I was bummed out...until the doorbell rang! Before I could reach the door, the UPS man had already taken off and there, on the front step, was a box waiting for me! And inside was this:

And inside that, was this...a HUMONGOUS fortune cookie!!! WOW!!! It's so pretty...and it's very yummy, too!!!

My fortune reads:

AWWW!!! How sweet of Cameron!!! I can't wait to see him again! I love him so much!!!

And his gift was also provided a play thing for Alegria!

As we were getting ready for dinner, we heard some commotion upstairs...and this is what we found...two little monkeys jumping on the bed!

We quickly got them off the bed because that's a no-no at Grandma's house! And luckily, by then dinner was ready to eat! YUM!

After dinner, we cleaned up the family room:

Good job helping to put the toys away, Alegria!

And right before Melissa and her little ones left, we got a picture of all of us together. Thank you so much for driving 3.5 hours each way through snow and rain to come see us! We had tons of fun and only wish we could see you more! We love you guys! Have a safe trip home!!!

After our friends left, Alegria had some fun time with Grandma while we watched "Dancing with the Stars" in Grandma's bedroom:

And right before getting ready for bed, Alegria pretended to be a caged bird:

As we were getting our pajamas on and our teeth brushed, there was a knock on the bedroom door. It was Grandpa with a set of binoculars for us to take a look out the window to a herd of elk grazing only a few hundred meters away! (Sorry the picture's camera doesn't have the same zoom as the binoculars!)

Amazing! I wish Cameron had been here to see this!

What a great day!

Now it's off to write my hubby another letter since Alegria's now sound asleep in her room!

Good night!

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