Saturday, May 15, 2010

Carroll Cousins!!!

Alegria doesn't cut to the chase! This morning she found Grandma's purse and went straight for the wallet!


Later on in the afternoon, we played outside while we waited for Andrea and her kids to show up. Alegria must have gotten something on her shirt while playing:

Also while we waited, Alegria wanted to help Grandpa with the porch, but the saw always seems to scare her away!

It scared her so much, at first she didn't know which way to run!!!

Finally, we heard the Carrolls' car pull up in the driveway...and the fun began!!!

From left to right, Calvin, Alegria and Carter:

Carter is such a great big brother and was no different with Alegria! He took her straight away to the playset to play:

Sliding down the slide with Calvin:

Sliding down with Cadee:

Playing ball while wearing a head light!

It was so cute! All of her cousins wanted to carry Alegria everywhere! I guess they didn't realize that from the time they saw her last year and she was just starting to walk (and was a little unsteady on her feet...not to mention slow!), Alegria has become a pro at walking!

Calvin teaching Alegria how to hammer in some pegs on a toy bench:

At the end of the night, the kids had gotten pretty dirty from all of the playing outside, so Alegria and Cadee took a bath together. Cadee showed Alegria what bath time fun is all about!

Cadee also tried washing Alegria herself!

What a fun day!!!

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