Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Early Anniversary Flowers!!!

Today was story time day. It's nice to have a routine, even when on vacation!

Alegria enjoyed running around the most, of course:

And after story time, she enjoyed playing in the playset at McDonald's where we met Grandma and Grandpa for lunch today:

Alegria worked up an appetite and actually ate her lunch!

Back home, Alegria and I were so exhausted that we both crashed.

As you can see, Alegria is not in her pack-n-play. Unfortunately, though we've kept to a small routine as far as going to story time and having lunch with Grandma and Grandpa on Tuesdays and Thursdays go, the sleeping schedule has not been as good as I'd hoped. I originally thought that it would take Alegria a couple of days to settle into her regular sleep schedule, but because we're so busy in the evenings working and playing with Grandma and Grandpa outside, Alegria has been going to bed later and later each night! Not only that, though, she's not sleeping well, either. So we've settled for me putting her down at night, writing Cameron a letter, going to bed, and then a couple of hours later, Alegria coming into bed with me until the morning. And then at naptime, to avoid any hassles and since I'm so exhausted from the night anyway, Alegria and I just share my bed and sleep in it together for a good two hours...well, Alegria sleeps for a good two hours, but she's a bed-hog and I don't have much room to move around and with my pregnant belly, I need to move a lot to get comfortable, so recently I've only been getting about an hour of sleep at naptime...if I'm lucky. *sigh* Oh well!

There was a ring at the door while we were still in bed, so I rushed downstairs so it wouldn't be rung again and wake Alegria...and there was the flower delivery person with my anniversary flowers!!!

I, of course, cried when I read Cameron's note. So short and so sweet! And for him to think ahead and have the flowers delivered a week before our anniversary so I could enjoy them since Alegria and I leave the day after our anniversary and will be traveling all next weekend, too...well, he's just so smart!!! :) Oh, how I love him!!!!!

Since it was another Addiction Recovery class day, we got to see Grandma and Grandpa before they left, but then it was just me and the kiddo for the rest of the evening.

Finally, it was time for a bath and I welcomed it just as much as Alegria...for different reasons, though, I'm sure! With her in the tub, that allows me to just sit and watch her play with the toys instead of running up and down the stairs or all around the yard after her! Sweet, sweet rest to my weary feet!!!

Today Alegria had fun drinking water from the faucet:

And now it's off to bed for her and letter-writing for me!

Good night!!! :)


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