Monday, May 3, 2010

Dancing Queen

As I was getting some diapers out of her closet to replenish the stacked ones on her dresser, Alegria noticed her boppy in there and decided she wanted to use it:

As she was watching the Princess and the Frog movie, a song came on and she started dancing with Big Bear! So cute!

After the movie , we went outside to ride her bike:

At first, Alegria was going to have Big Bear ride in the basket...

...but then she decided against that and had him ride the bike instead!

As we were outside, Alegria also took her visor off and then put it back on...but backwards!

After lunch and a nap, we decided to go outside and play in the sprinkler. I forgot to ask Cameron to bring her kiddie pool out last night, but since we'll be leaving for a while, the sprinkler will do just fine for now.

When I first turned the sprinkler on, Alegria didn't like it because it sprinkled in her face. So I had to turn the water down so that it didn't sprinkle her. Once the water level was low enough, I then had to get her to gain confidence playing in it.

Isis, on the other hand, needed no convincing!

Once Alegria had seen Isis drink the water from the sprinkler, Alegria decided she wanted to try it, too!

While we were out, an airplane flew overhead and Alegria immediately signed "airplane!" She didn't stick her pinkie out when she signed it, but she did a pretty good job otherwise!

After a good while of being outside, we came indoors and Alegria got a bath. You can see a tan line on her back!

All of that playing in the water and with Isis really wore Alegria out and she was happy to lay on her boppy and watch "Lady and the Tramp."

In the evening when Daddy got home, we colored a bit and Alegria discovered how to turn the music on to her musical drawing pad all on her own! And she danced! She's our little dancing queen! :)

It was a marvelous Monday!!! :)

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