Sunday, May 23, 2010

She KNOWS!!!

Early this morning, I went to get Alegria out of her pack-n-play in her room and bring her into my room and into bed with me...she was crying and I didn't want her to wake everyone else up. It was about 5 am and I was sure she'd go right back to sleep. I was wrong!

Alegria played and played in the bed next to me as I kept drifting in and out of sleep...and as I kept telling her to "Shhh! Go to sleep!" about 6 am, after an hour of the non-sleep, Alegria all of a sudden picked up my shirt, rubbed my belly, and then signed and said "baby!" Maybe she understands more than we think she does! :)

Other than that small piece of excitement this morning when Alegria showed me she knows there's a baby in my belly, it was a pretty quiet day today. We went to Church and then we just relaxed. Grandma and Grandpa had their Addiction Recovery class again tonight, so Alegria and I just napped and then played outside, waiting for them to come home.

Here's Alegria wearing a cute butterfly clip that I bought at Michaels:

Sitting on the porch swing:

And that was pretty much our day!

Alegria's in bed now and I'm off to write to Cameron.

Good night!

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