Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Monkey See Monkey Do!

Grandpa was out of town today, so Grandma watched over the sheep for him. Alegria loved following Grandma around and helping her with Grandpa's chores!

She also enjoyed playing fetch with Callie:

Or more like "keep away!" For some reason, Alegria loves dog toys and always thinks they're her toys and doesn't like the dogs to have their own toys!

When she finally let Callie have the ball back, she took some time to appreciate nature:

Today Alegria has not been completely herself. She's had a really runny nose and watery eyes and has been sneezing a lot. I can't tell if she's getting sick or if she's got allergies. So once Grandma was home and done with everything she needed doing, I left Alegria with her and went to Albertsons to get some infant Tylenol. If anything, it would help her sleep. When I arrived at Albertsons, though, they had no infant Tylenol! So I decided to go to CVS. When I got there, though, they were already closed! So, unfortunately, I had to go all the way to Wal-Mart. Luckily, they had what I was looking for. I also picked up some Vicks Baby Bath and Vicks Baby Rub to soothe Alegria with tonight.

As I was driving, Cameron texted me to tell me he'd received my letters! YAY! I'm so glad! I had sent the first of my letters on Saturday and wasn't sure when he'd receive it. I was going to send him a letter every few days, but then I decided that I would instead send him a letter every day so that when he was out in the field and wasn't allowed to have his phone on him, he would be able to receive some news from us every day! Cameron was very grateful, but also hinted that he'd "love to get a care package with 3 Musketeers in it!" So as I was out and about, I also picked up a notepad, envelopes (I'd been depleting Cameron's mom's stock since Saturday), a Big Bag of 3 Musketeers, and a shipping box to send him that desired care package!

When I finally got home, Alegria was more than happy to jump in the tub and get all cleaned up! She'd had fun with Grandma and had been a good girl for her, but I could tell she was tired. The soothing vapor bath did wonders and Alegria was happy as a clam in the tub...not that she ever isn't! She's practically a fish! And apparently, she learned from her cousin Cadee and decided to use the bath toy bucket as a hat!

What a cute little silly monkey!!!

Now Alegria's in bed and I'm off to write Cameron another letter and prepare his care package.

Toodaloo!!! :)

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