Friday, May 28, 2010

Rainy Day Fun

We had another rainy day today, so Alegria and I just chilled at home.

In the morning, Alegria practiced her piano:

In the afternoon, Alegria and I ventured out to the Montana State University (MSU) Bookstore and had fun browsing all of the little trinkets there, trying to find little games and toys and candies to send to Daddy in a care package. Not only is our anniversary on Tuesday, but it's also Memorial Day this weekend and the men should be getting back from the field (or as they put it, being "in the box") on June 4th, so I assume that from then until it's time to come home, there will be a lot of down time as they get ready to leave, so I figured sending him a care package with games and stuff to do and munch on might be fun!

After I'd found a lot of stuff to send, Alegria and I then went to the Post Office. However; not only had I just used up some of my cash paying for parking at the MSU Bookstore, so I was short on the amount I needed to send the package, but I also forgot that they don't take credit or debit cards...and then I also read a sign there that said that they only take local checks! Being that our checks are from Texas, that just wasn't going to fly! So I called Cameron's mom and luckily, she was able to call back and find out my dilemma and then even come and bail me out! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lynn!!!

Phew! Now hopefully Cameron will get the package by Tuesday!

Once done with that, Alegria and I went back home and took a nap.

In the evening, Alegria played with some salt dough that Grandma had made for us to occupy ourselves on this rainy day...FUN!!! :)

Poor Alegria still has a little bit of a runny nose. I don't know if it's from the weather that changes so drastically all the time and if that's made her sick...or if she's acquired allergies like I did when I first came to Montana. I sure hope she feels better soon, though!

When we finally went upstairs to get ready for bed, Alegria did the cutest thing! As I was about to put her pajamas on, she started "talking" on my phone...supposedly to her friend, Josh! But gets cuter! Then she had "Cyrus" talk on the phone, too! :)

Too cute!!! it's off to bed and letter-writing!

Good night!

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