Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Shoe Cake

It's such a small world! Yesterday was not only my mother-in-law's birthday, but it was also my good friend, Andrea's birthday!

Andrea had made me a beautiful and delicious cake for my birthday, and so I reciprocated with a cake for her! She always wears the snazziest (and tallest!) shoes, so I decided to make her a shoe-shaped cake!

When I had the skeletal structure made (the toe part of the shoe is cake, the mid-part and heel are rice crispy treat), the cake looked awesome! Little did I know that the fondant would weigh everything down! Once I had the cake covered in fondant, the middle part of the shoe began to sag! Oh no! I worked with it, though, and this is the final result (from the better of all of the angles I took pictures from!):

In the evening, we had an FRG meeting to go to. Kerri did an awesome job making the meeting family friendly, with lollipops and drinks and even coloring pages for the kids! Alegria enjoyed it all!

On our way to have dinner with Daddy...I hope she still eats her dinner after having those lollipops!

Ready to order:

Back home, Alegria was exhausted and ready to go to bed:

Now it's my turn!

Good night! :)

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  1. Love the picture with the two lollipops in her hands!


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