Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What in the World IS this?!

This morning, Alegria and I went to visit a good friend of mine, Kristine Ballard, and her two youngest ones, Charlie and Olivia. Alegria and Olivia were born within weeks of each other and they must have felt that bond because there was much love in their house today...after just having met each other!

The three little ones had a wonderful time playing together and Kristine and I really enjoyed catching up! Then we all went to the car shop so that Kristine could pick up their family's van.

Back home, Alegria and I took a nap and woke up just as Grandma and Grandpa were getting home. Alegria did not hesitate when Grandma asked if she'd like to help water the flowers!

Alegria found a tape in Grandpa's truck and was confused as to what it was!

Snack time!

Dancing time!

Taking a ride with Grandpa and Uncle Kellen on the small trailer where they will be hauling all of the excess gravel and dirt from the driveway for the next phase of Operation Front Porch!

Alegria wasn't always so intrigued by the tractor...mostly because of the noise!

After that first ride, she preferred to watch from afar and just wave to Grandpa...or as she calls him "Pa!" Can you hear her say "Pa!" in the last two videos? So cute! :)

Grandma and Grandpa have a beautiful view from their house!

Alegria finds rocks interesting...

She's such a big helper, too!

And she'll be a great big sister!

Awww! Giving her doll kisses:

Once we came inside, Alegria enjoyed helping Grandma with sewing Kellen's and Britney's wedding quilt:

It was another full day!

Good night!

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