Friday, May 14, 2010

Escape Artist

As I get ready in the morning, I close the door so that Alegria can't go downstairs, and I turn the radio on. She usually plays with her toys while she waits for me...and sometimes she plays in the bed. Today she decided she'd brush her teeth while lying in my bed!

Later on as I was getting our breakfast ready, Alegria got into mischief and pulled out the door stop from the front door...along with one of the hinges!

The rest of the day we just relaxed until Grandma and Grandpa came home.

Being that it's Friday and there's no work tomorrow and no Addiction Recovery class tonight, Grandma and Grandpa had the whole evening to devote to the house and yard. First Alegria helped Grandma water the flowers that Grandma will plant in time for the wedding:

Then we headed out to the wood shed:

Alegria harassed the sheep again:

And for a snack, she had some of Callie's dog food (not really...I snapped the picture and got it out of her mouth before she ate it...and after that, we began to place Callie's food up high while we were working around the yard so that Alegria wouldn't get to it!):

Grandma and I stacked firewood and Alegria found a way to get in and out of the fence without our opening and closing the gates...since we were all busy, she learned to fend for herself!

Why she didn't go head first, I don't know! :)

Running in the dry creek bottom behind the house:

After all the work was done and we'd had dinner and gotten ready for bed, Alegria marvelled at the electric fireplace in Grandma and Grandpa's bedroom that didn't need a fire to be built in it like Grandpa does downstairs!

After we'd said our goodnights, Alegria and I headed upstairs and finished getting ready for bed. I'm so glad Alegria likes brushing her teeth!

And now that Alegria is sleeping, I'm going to go and write Cameron a letter! He leaves to Fort Irwin on Sunday, so if I send him a letter tomorrow, he should probably get it by Monday or Tuesday. :)

So...good night!!!


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